Transportation - System Safety

B&N’s transportation safety team uses analytics and input to understand our clients’ safety challenges. We then help them implement solutions to safely move the traveling public with consideration to all types of traffic – vehicular, cyclist and pedestrian.


June 24, 2021

ODOT Office of Statewide Planning & Research

Presentation: Freeway Segment Safety Performance Function (SPF) Development


Steve Sanders, PE, PhD
November 06, 2020

Engineering for Change in a Post-COVID World

Kendra Schenk, PE, PTOE, RSP2I
September 18, 2020

Recording Technology Makes Safety a Snap

Nicole Waldheim
Dana Biscan, PE
Kendra Schenk, PE, PTOE, RSP2I
May 22, 2020

One Team. One Goal. Zero Fatalities.