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  • Location: East Cleveland, Ohio

Along Euclid Avenue in East Cleveland, Ohio, recent improvements reconfigured the signalization within the project limits. This created blocks, some up to a mile in length, with no controlled or signalized crossings for pedestrians. The corridor includes numerous public transit stops, parking on both sides of the roadway and businesses that create pedestrian destinations. Many vulnerable road users—elderly pedestrians and children—cross the roadway outside of the remaining signalized crossing locations. With nearly 25 crashes between 2016 and 2018, several being pedestrian-related crashes and fatalities, the City of East Cleveland turned to ODOT for assistance with improving pedestrian safety.

The B&N team had to identify ways to improve pedestrian safety at uncontrolled crossing locations using such methods as high visibility markings, advanced pedestrian crossing signage, and RRFBs or PHBs to enhance the crossing and pedestrian visibility. The unique project process included identifying pedestrian generators and origins / destinations, engaging neighborhood groups, engaging local transit and business stakeholder by gaining feedback through a survey in neighborhood newsletters, and observations for feedback. Safety funding was pursued and awarded. Future recommendations for applications such as a road diet, and the identification of short-term, lower-cost solutions that could be included with current projects will be identified and pursued.