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Deborah Lohmeier, PE, LEED AP February 23, 2021

Breathe Easier: COVID-19 Impacts on HVAC Design

Joshua Ford, PE December 17, 2020

Steps to Prevent Ice Dams Caused by Winter Weather

Ryan Williamson, PE December 14, 2020

Tips to Expedite Your ADA Transition Plan

Contact the Experts for speaking engagements...

  • Kevin Campanella, PE

    Kevin Campanella, PE

    Director, Utility Planning

    A recognized expert in asset management, Kevin has been a keynote speaker and Blue Ribbon Panelist for national asset management workshops.

  • Matt Lewellyn, PE

    Matt Lewellyn, PE

    Project Engineer, Roadway and Bridge Inspection, Design and Rehab

    When it comes to infrastructure rehabilitation, Matt excels at analyzing and diagnosing potential structural concerns.

  • Amy Rosepiler, PE

    Amy Rosepiler, PE

    Director, Columbus Roadway Design Section

    Amy is passionate about creating corridors that benefit all users by incorporating pedestrian and bicycle elements into roadways dominated by vehicles.

  • Steve Thieken, PE, PTOE, AICP

    Steve Thieken, PE, PTOE, AICP

    Director, Columbus Transportation Division

    Steve is an experienced presenter and facilitator in the areas of public and stakeholder engagement, transportation planning and roundabout design.

  • Brian Toombs, PE

    Brian Toombs, PE

    Interchange Specialist and Project Engineer

    Brian is a national geometrics interchange expert focused on cost-effective, practical design solutions.

  • Brian Yates, PE

    Brian Yates, PE

    Environmental Engineer

    As an industry-recognized expert, Brian is helping shape discussions around PFAS-related issues and helps clients by designing innovative solutions to address existing and anticipated PFAS-related regulations.