Burgess & Niple - What We Do

What We Do

We design roads, buildings, bridges, sewers and treatment plants. We inspect, study, develop and plan. We have pioneered new technologies and techniques – including breakthroughs in water treatment and new approaches to bridge inspection. And as technology evolves, we continue to apply innovative, time-saving, and cost-effective solutions on behalf of our clients.


Integrated approach to streamline delivery and costs.

Our multidisciplinary team of architects and engineers allows us to be highly efficient and cost effective with the designs we deliver. With projects located around the world, we have experience using all commercial construction types and designing for all climates and seismic zones.


From assessment through remediation, B&N can help.

Let us be your guide. With extensive knowledge of regulations combined with the technical expertise of our environmental staff, we help clients navigate the regulatory process, protect investments, and preserve natural resources.

Land Development

Turnkey land use solutions that keep projects on track.

We hear you. Our comprehensive land use solutions start with a clear understanding of project goals and schedules. From there our engineers, planners, and surveyors work closely with the project owner’s team to simplify processes and ensure quality across the board.


Our drive makes yours easier.

Our thought leaders are ahead of the curve when it comes to complex transportation challenges. Their expertise combined with the latest technology results in solutions that help ease congestion, improve access, reduce crashes, and expedite travel.

Utility Infrastructure

Some of our best work is never seen.

Our work might not always be visible, but it’s there…helping to ensure high-quality drinking water, successful water and wastewater treatment, and effective stormwater management.