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Burgess & Niple - Transportation


A national leader in transportation, B&N solves complex infrastructure challenges to ease congestion, improve access, reduce crashes, and expedite travel.

Combining a century of experience with today’s leading technology, we deliver sound solutions that increase value while reducing costs to help clients realize their community’s vision.

Increase Asset Value

Transportation assets integrate with all aspects of a community’s culture and vision. From streets to highways, intersections to interchanges, and bridges to bikeways, B&N works to increase the value of these critical assets with:

  • Infrastructure planning that advances economic value
  • Designs that mitigate current problems and anticipate future needs and impacts
  • Strategies to rehabilitate existing infrastructure
  • Materials and construction methods that extend the life of the asset

Reduce the Cost of Ownership

B&N finds ways to reduce the cost to design, build and maintain our clients’ transportation infrastructure. Our Practical Design approach has saved clients millions of dollars while improving transportation systems and stretching capital improvement programs.

  • Comprehensive plan reviews to identify modifications that reduce costs and meet project goals
  • Thorough plans that minimize change orders
  • Project phasing timed to leverage funding programs and concurrent projects
  • Designs that consider ongoing operations and maintenance costs

Working With Us

Clear, open and ongoing communication is an important part of every project we undertake. Our clients stay engaged through routine check-ins and consultations to help ensure their expectations are met. We are experienced with multiple project delivery methods, including Design-Build and Design-Bid-Build.