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Burgess & Niple - Transportation | Planning


B&N helps communities make wise transportation planning decisions and investments using a strong planning process, thorough and productive stakeholder engagement, solid analysis, and logical recommendations. Our planning team understands that transportation systems are complex networks of roadways, bikeways, walkways, waterways, ports, and public transit systems. We help clients develop a vision and a complete solution that addresses their most important goals and objectives.

Planning Expertise

We have worked with local, state and federal agencies to provide corridor planning, travel demand modeling and forecasting, traffic analysis, multimodal planning, safety analysis, long-range transportation planning and preliminary engineering studies. We also offer expertise and public relations to manage and coordinate the public involvement process.


  • Area-Wide Transportation Plans
  • Congestion and Access Management
  • Cartography / GIS
  • Multimodal / Complete Street Studies
  • Land Use / Transportation Integration
  • Public and Stakeholder Involvement
  • Traffic Forecasting and Modeling

Ideas in Motion

B&N drives smart transportation planning with our visualization tools. These traffic models, photo renderings, and illustrations provide insight into proposed changes before investing in infrastructure improvements.
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