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Burgess & Niple - Transportation | Construction Engineering & Inspection

Construction Engineering & Inspection

Our construction engineering and inspection team is on-site from the initial right-of-way clearing through the final pavement marking needed to open the transportation facility. We provide in-field expertise to record, monitor, test and verify conformance to the contract documents. Whether inspecting a local road or working on the interstate system, our inspection techniques and quality controls are applied consistently from design through construction. Our team is familiar with the unexpected impacts and detrimental effects that can arise. We remain vigilant during construction to mitigate issues, ensuring our client’s interests are served to stay on schedule and on budget.

We understand that traffic disruptions can have a major impact on communities. Our team communicates with residents, emergency services, local businesses, school transportation, community event coordinators and other nearby construction projects to inform them of the maintenance of traffic alterations and impacts.


  • Bridge Construction/Rehabilitation
  • Bridge Overlay - latex modified, E5 internal cure, polymeric and silica fume
  • Concrete/Asphalt Pavement Construction/Rehabilitation
  • Construction Documentation
  • Design/Build Construction Practices
  • Ensure Proper ESC Placement, Maintenance and Field Adjustment
  • Material Record Compilation
  • Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) Wall Construction
  • On-site Material Testing, QC/QA Testing
  • Pipe and Related Drainage Structure Placement
  • Pipelining and Jacking
  • Plan/Specification/Standard Interpretation and Enforcement
  • Plan Constructability Review
  • Road Construction/Reconstruction
  • Small Structure Placement
  • Traffic Signal Construction/Modernization
  • Utility Relocation Coordination