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Burgess & Niple - Water


For more than a century, B&N has developed practical solutions to aging water infrastructure for communities across the country and around the world. Using a customized approach based on the unique needs of each client, we help clients prioritize water asset improvements so they can make informed decisions about their capital improvement spending while meeting regulatory requirements.

Mitigating Risk

Water utility employees have the weighty task of protecting the health of the general public as well as the environment. Acting as an extension of our clients, we listen closely to understand their needs, advise them on approaches to mitigate the inherent risks in water utility management, and create solutions that help protect their communities. This includes ensuring high quality drinking water, reducing negative environmental impacts from wastewater and stormwater systems, and the abatement of flooding.

Working With Us

In addition to award-winning designs, our team of water experts provides guidance in project funding and public involvement. We also incorporate sustainable design principles into our projects to minimize the impact on natural resources.