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Burgess & Niple - Land Development

Land Development

B&N delivers turnkey land use solutions that help keep projects on track. Our engineers, planners, and surveyors work as an integrated part of the project owner’s team to help simplify the project management process, maintain budgets, and ensure consistent quality across the board.

From land planning to feasibility studies and final construction plans, our comprehensive solutions are shaped by a clear understanding of the project goals and schedules. Clients benefit from our local knowledge and expertise, as well as extensive experience working with government officials, review agencies, and the public. We have proven success in resolving zoning and permitting issues that can delay work and our public involvement expertise can help bring project stakeholders to consensus.

B&N’s land development portfolio includes

  • Commercial Businesses
  • Industrial Parks
  • Mixed Use Developments
  • Office Parks
  • Parks and Recreational Facilities
  • Municipal Facilities
  • Residential Developments
  • Religious Facilities


Construction Services

B&N provides a variety of services during construction for new projects and facilities that are being rehabilitated. Our experience ranges from large commercial and residential developments to smaller stand-alone retail and industrial sites and institutional facilities. Once the site has been evaluated and design work is finished, B&N can help deliver a final product in compliance with design documents.


  • Project Representation
  • Engineering Services During Construction, Including Periodic Job Site Visits
  • Review of Shop Drawings
  • Approval and Preparation of Estimates and Change Orders
  • Evaluation of Progress Schedules and Actual Progress
  • Review of Construction Materials, Methods, and Equipment
  • Inspection of Construction Materials
  • Consultation and Recommendations Regarding Construction

Environmental Engineering

Successful land development requires much more than changes in form and appearance. B&N experts have extensive knowledge of the underlying environmental issues that can significantly affect property, both in terms of physical integrity and financial consequences. Our multidisciplinary team of environmental scientists has a thorough knowledge of federal, state and local environmental regulations. We specialize in developments that are environmentally and economically sound.


  • Chesapeake Bay Act Regulations
  • Ecological Evaluations
  • Erosion and Siltation Control Plans
  • Floodplain Studies
  • Site Assessments and Impact Statements
  • Wetlands Evaluations

Land Planning

With experience spanning 100+ years, B&N has shaped the use of thousands of acres of land. One key to our success is understanding local political concerns and cultivating solid working relationships with municipal leaders and agencies. We develop conceptual and preliminary plans and designs for residential planned communities, office and industrial parks, commercial properties, government and educational facilities, and institutional uses. Developments range from small tracts to sites covering more than 4,000 acres.


  • Agency and Regulatory Coordination
  • Conceptual Development Plans
  • Landscape Planning and Design
  • Master Land Use Plans
  • Public Presentations and Exhibits
  • Recreational Facility Planning
  • Rezoning and Proffer Development
  • Special Exceptions and Special Permits

Landscape Architecture

B&N’s portfolio consists of individual lots as well as commercial and government properties with extensive acreage. From enhancing a site’s natural beauty to creating new environments that improve functionality, our designs meet client needs. We’re successful because we listen, challenge, and refine disparate visions into a shared understanding.


  • Master Planning
  • Site Planning
  • Special Exceptions
  • Streetscape Design
  • Urban Design

Site Civil Engineering

High quality engineering services form the backbone of B&N’s land development practice. From feasibility studies to final construction plans, we offer comprehensive solutions shaped by a clear understanding of client goals and schedules. Clients benefit from the turnkey convenience provided by our in-house capabilities: planning, environmental services, surveying, geotechnical engineering and more.


  • Feasibility Studies and Property Analyses
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Site Grading Plans and Earthwork Analyses
  • Street and Highway Design
  • Stormwater Management and BMP Design
  • Erosion Control
  • Utility Design


Our many repeat clients attest to the advantages of B&N’s surveying experience, technology and quality of service. Our reputation is built on a commitment to provide accurate and economical surveying services to a diverse clientele with a wide spectrum of property types. Whether the property is rural or urban, a single building or an entire subdivision, we are ready to apply our experience and technology to produce outstanding service and accurate results.


  • ALTA/ACSM Surveys
  • As-Built Surveys
  • Boundary Surveys
  • Construction Stakeout
  • GPS Survey Control
  • Topographic Surveys


As telecommunications providers expand their networks to meeting increasing coverage needs, B&N has become a trusted advisor for site design, permitting and construction management. Our knowledgeable engineers help clients navigate the complexities of design criteria, mechanical systems, government requirements and more. Our experience includes new raw land sites, existing towers, facilities mounted on existing roof tops and elevated water tanks.


  • Conduit Design
  • Construction Management
  • Cost Estimating
  • Custom Buildings
  • Environment
  • Right-of-Way
  • Towers and Structural

Sustainable Design Expertise

When it comes to site development, owners face a range of rules, regulations, and sustainable design decisions. B&N can help. Learn more