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  • Location: Akron, Ohio

As part of a $160 million design-build project to rebuild portions of I-76, I-77 and SR 8 in Akron, OH, B&N prepared complete plans for the Central Interchange area which were included in the design-build plans as a prescriptive part of the project. This interchange improvement replaced the left-hand exit ramps from both westbound and eastbound I-76 with two new flyover bridges, replacing a significant geometric deficiency. During the early phase of project development, B&N developed a proposed concept that allowed for a significant amount of construction to occur off-line, reducing construction costs and impacts to the traveling public. This concept allows the mainline traffic movements of I-76, I-77 and SR 8 to have minimal disruption and the need for closures.

The project includes three new bridges, two reconstructed bridges, 12 retaining walls, 12,000 linear feet of new noise walls, total roadway reconstruction and new interchange lighting.

Performance-Based Practical Design Implementation

As part of the Ohio Department of Transportation’s (ODOT's) statewide Preliminary Engineering General Services Contract, B&N led a study to identify options for improving capacity along I-77 and SR 8 in both directions in downtown Akron, Ohio. B&N evaluated an option that implemented Performance-Based Practical Design (PBPD) to squeeze the additional lane through this system interchange and south of that under six additional overhead bridges. The chosen alternative reduced the lane widths from 12 feet to 11 and reduced the left (median) shoulder width to 4 feet. The right (outside) shoulder was maintained as 10 feet wide except under the existing bridges where it narrowed to a minimum 4-foot width.

Implementing PBPD saved ODOT over $60 million and allowed the improvements to be included in a Design-Build pavement rehabilitation project that was currently being designed. B&N finalized the study and drafted the necessary documentation, including the Design Exceptions that were required for this project.