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  • Location: Cabell and Wayne Counties, West Virginia

Working with extremely limited crash data, the Kentucky, Ohio, and West Virginia (KYOVA) Interstate Planning Commission and B&N sought out to conduct a safety study of the first of its kind in Cabell and Wayne Counties, West Virginia.

The project began with collecting crash data points to locate over 90% of the crashes in the counties. Using an iterative heat mapping process, nearly 200 locations were identified as potential hot spots. Equivalent Property Damage Only (EPDO) factors and crash frequencies were then used to compare and prioritize locations. Methodologies from the Highway Safety Manual (HSM) were used to determine the location’s safety performance compared to other sites with similar volumes and geometric characteristics. The highest priority locations were evaluated further through a more in-depth crash data review and field visit, after which countermeasures to mitigate crashes were identified and prioritized.

The study resulted in a one-page summary sheet with potential improvements and benefit cost ratio to help prioritize locations. From the summary, an implementation plan was developed with the highest scoring locations for potential safety improvements taking priority.