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Simplify Safety Planning with Custom Analysis Tools

Simplify Safety Planning with Custom Analysis Tools

Crash data can be complex and voluminous. Sifting through it to pinpoint severe crash locations and countermeasures to address crash patterns is extremely time consuming. But gathering this data has become a critical component to obtaining Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) funding.

The applications for HSIP funding, which is allocated toward safety improvements that reduce traffic fatalities and serious injuries on public roads, has moved to a competitive process. To be considered for funding, agencies must now identify these high crash locations and cost-effective solutions as part of the application process.

At B&N, we have developed customized solutions to help agencies simplify the data gathering process.

  • Map it. Interactive mapping lets users review crash locations, type, and severity. This mapping overcomes challenges associated with route naming discrepancies.
  • Get it together. We developed a tool that analyzes crash patterns with data exported from various sources, including Safety Data Mart.
  • Quick calculations. The Highway Safety Manual (HSM) calculations can be quite cumbersome. The application we use conducts the HSM predictive analysis at spot locations and simplifies the calculations without needing to be familiar with the manual.
  • Dig deep. Another in-house application mines insights buried in the large crash data sets and automatically calculates some of the inputs required for the HSIP application.
  • Press play. What good is a plan if you can’t put it into action? Once this near “push button” platform is created, agencies can use these tools for safety analysis and funding applications long after the safety plan is finalized.
Dana Biscan, PE, Transportation Planning Director

Dana Biscan, PE 
Transportation Planning Director