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  • Location: Coconino County, Arizona

B&N completed a study that identified operational, safety, and access management improvements for an area with heavy freight traffic within the I-40 corridor across northern Arizona. B&N inventoried and assessed existing conditions, recommended improvements, developed an implementation schedule, and prepared Planning and Environmental Linkage (PEL) documentation. The final plan included a roundabout and access management techniques that will defer the need for major traffic interchange improvements for 20 years. This study also provided guidance for Coconino County access management guideline considerations, with specific measures for the Bellemont area. B&N facilitated a public-private cost sharing agreement for implementation. The improvements were later designed by B&N and constructed in 2021. 

Key Features Include: 

  • Access management 
  • Travel demand forecasting and use of the statewide model 
  • Development of alternatives including roundabouts 
  • Performance measures and evaluation criteria 
  • ADOT PEL documentation 
  • Freight considerations 
  • Project prioritization and implementation 
  • Identification of potential funding sources 
  • Stakeholder/Public outreach