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  • Location: Statewide, Ohio

Ohio has been a national leader in the implementation of Highway Safety Manual (HSM) and safety analysis. In the past 10 years, B&N has completed over 30 Safety Studies for the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) based on ODOT's priority lists. The lists prioritize locations with the highest potential for reducing crashes and groups these locations by the type of roadway.

The B&N team analyzed crash patterns and trends and completed HSM calculations, including the predicted crash frequency, using Empirical Bayes calculations and crash frequencies for proposed conditions. The team provided a cost-benefit analysis of proposed countermeasures. In addition, the B&N team wrote policies and procedures to implement data-driven safety analysis (DDSA) into the ODOT Project Development Process (PDP) to add safety analysis as a metric considered as part of every ODOT project.