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  • Location: Columbus, Ohio

B&N was selected by the City of Columbus Recreation and Parks Department to design a 550-foot-long pedestrian/bikeway trail bridge across the Scioto River and CSX Railroad tracks. The bridge connects the existing Scioto Trail path with the west side of Columbus. The project also includes approximately 800-feet of approach trail design, as well as survey, right-of-way, historical/archaeological and subsurface investigation services.

While in the preliminary design phase, B&N provided solutions to challenge coordination issues. B&N established a railroad review contract directly through CSX to expedite the railroad review, as well as the overall project schedule. This eliminated time otherwise required had it been established through the City. Although alignment issues are typically handled in the preliminary engineering phase, B&N prepared an additional pre-preliminary alternatives alignment study to submit to the city, state and railroad. The purpose of this submittal was to bring the three agencies together on one alignment prior to the preliminary engineering study in order to flush out potential schedule inhibiting clearance, right-of-way and grade issues.

Detailed design plans were developed that included aesthetic railing/fencing and wall details. B&N hosted a public meeting to present various aesthetic alternatives and seek user input. Single drilled shaft river piers were designed to simplify construction and minimize the impacts to the river and railroad. The project was sold in December 2009 with construction completed in 2011.