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  • Location: Flagstaff-Metropolitan Area, Arizona

B&N recently completed a 25-year, long-range transportation plan for the Flagstaff area on behalf of MetroPlan, a U.S.-designated metropolitan planning organization. This future-forward organization’s strategy evaluates alternative infrastructure choices’ influence on vehicle miles traveled and provides clear direction to meet the region’s Carbon Neutrality Plan goal to significantly reduce carbon emissions by 2045. To address this, our team provided unique planning design features such as equity and accessibility analysis, travel demand management strategy, possible application options and electric vehicle planning. 

Additionally, B&N worked diligently to build a unified agreement between the public and the project stakeholders in plan finalization. The key to developing an ‘all-win’ scenario was providing several adaptable/flexible options that also adhered to the Regional Transportation Plan’s over-arching goals for the region. As a direct result of plan utilization, the City of Flagstaff implemented its travel demand management (TDM) initiative. Both the City and the public now have a clearer understanding of carbon neutrality regarding transportation, as well as a larger understanding of land use impacts on transportation mode choice and vehicle miles traveled.