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City’s "Crown Jewel" Now Complete: B&N and City of Dublin Celebrate Opening of the Final Phase of Emerald Parkway

DUBLIN, Ohio – The final phase of a roadway project that the City of Dublin called the “crown jewel of the City’s transportation network” opened on Monday, December 1. Burgess & Niple (B&N) led all eight phases of design of the Emerald Parkway project that was developed over an 18-year period. The roadway is a 5.6-mile east-west connector that is home to some of Dublin’s largest employers. It is located parallel to Interstate 270 to provide an alternate route for local trips through the city.

For the $62 million project, B&N’s engineering team provided design and construction services including:

  • Design of new four- and five-lane arterial roadways
  • Design of four bridges including a new overpass bridge at US 33/SR 161 with street lighting, landscaping, bike paths and a new community park
  • Widening of an existing two-lane roadway to five and six lanes
  • Community outreach and involvement throughout the planning and design process

A ceremony on Monday marked the opening of the eighth and final phase of Emerald Parkway – a one-mile extension of the four- and five-lane arterial roadway that includes a roundabout. This new phase provides access to 115 acres for development and another alternate route for trips within Dublin.

The roadway was designed to not only benefit motorists, but bicyclists and pedestrians as well. The new section includes roadway sharrows and multi-use paths to improve bicycle and pedestrian connectivity. The multi-use paths along Emerald Parkway also tie together recreational facilities in Dublin. City Engineer Paul Hammersmith noted the many types of users that can travel Emerald Parkway stating, “I don’t think you can put a dollar value on the unifying effect.”

Emerald Parkway was developed to serve the traveling public and open up land for economic development. According to the City, commercial development along Emerald Parkway now totals 1.5 million square feet and generates more than $17 million in annual income tax to the city.

For more information about the history of the Emerald Parkway Project, visit the City of Dublin website.