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What’s Happening at B&N

Burgess & Niple COVID-19 Update

We are closely monitoring the impacts of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. It is our priority to protect the health of our B&N colleagues, their families, our clients and our communities while continuing to provide high-quality services. Beginning March 18th through May 1st, we are requiring employees to work remotely and will not be accepting visitors at our physical offices.

The measures we have put into place to help ensure continuity of service during this time include:


Our existing Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) allows all employees to work across the same "virtual office" from any device or location, including their homes. This means that our staff will continue to seamlessly use CAD, GIS and modeling software as we put social distancing and remote work standards into place.


We have suspended all non-essential business travel. However, we will leverage our audio and video conferencing platforms, including Microsoft Teams, to conduct meetings and help ensure that projects stay on track.

Project Delivery Schedules

Our project managers will communicate frequently with our clients to assess, discuss and adjust, if necessary, deadlines and project milestone dates over the next few weeks given potential working restrictions that may result from state or federal mandates.


Our leadership team is meeting daily to stay informed and develop appropriate plans of action to this continually changing situation.

During this unprecedented time, please know that we will continue to focus on addressing your needs, as well as those of our colleagues. If you need support, please reach out to us.