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Agency Dedicates $20 Million to Clean Up Abandoned Gas Stations

Ohio communities will have a chance to clean up abandoned gas stations with $20 million in new funding.

The Ohio Development Services Agency (ODSA) has dedicated $20 million of left-over Clean Ohio Funds to be used for abandoned gas stations. Often located in key development areas, this funding is an opportunity to clean up and revitalize these unwanted properties.

Final guidelines are pending, but following is the most recent information on the two types of funding that will be available:

  • Fast Track Funding: Applicants can apply to receive up to $100,000 to be used toward a BUSTR NFA and site clearance on Class C properties where petroleum is the contaminant of concern (COC). Applications for Fast Track Funding will be accepted any time until the allotted funds run out.
  • Competitive Funding Rounds: Up to $100,000 will be available for assessment and up to $500,000 for clean up as part of the Competitive Funding Rounds that will begin in the spring of 2016. Competitive Funding applicants must also have a Class C designation. However, these funds can be used to assess and clean up a wide range of hazardous substances. For properties that receive Competitive Funding, ODSA will require a BUSTR NFA or a VAP NFA after they have been cleaned up.


To be eligible for either type of funding, properties must meet the following criteria prior to application:

  • Class C sites certified by the State of Ohio to have no responsible party
  • Have a VAP Phase I Property Assessment
  • Owned by a political subdivision and organizations that own publicly-owned land or have an agreement with a political subdivision

Next Steps

With more than 500 qualifying Class C sites, the application process will be competitive. B&N’s experienced environmental services team is ready to help you take advantage of these funding opportunities. For more information contact:

Dave Walker, VAP CP
614.459.2050, ext. 1537

Melissa Haney, CPG
330.376.5778, ext. 3434