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October 8 - 9, 2024

Greater Columbus Convention Center Columbus, Ohio Visit Event Website

Tuesday, October 8

Organizational culture, or encompassing shared attitudes and values, greatly impacts employee retention. Recent studies show that culture has up to 10 times more influence than compensation. Too many teams operate in Thermometer mode, a reactionary strategy where the culture only reacts to the environment it is in. The best leaders operate in Thermostat mode, where they know the temperature they are trying to set as a leader and a collective team. No matter what is happening in the external environment, they proactively set the temperature they desire. This presentation explores the definition of workplace culture and focuses on key drivers of diversity, job security, and recognition, to improve the culture and drive creativity, innovation, and talent through the organization. It will talk through the four calibration topics of mission, vision, values, and strategy, using real-world case studies and examples to highlight best practices for achieving a thermostat culture.

B&N Presenter:

Brian Toombs, PE

Brian Toombs, PE, Interchange Specialist and Project Engineer

Interchange Specialist and Project Engineer