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May 1 - 2, 2024

Hotel Roanoke Roanoke, VA

Thursday, May 2
1:30 PM

In the dynamic landscape of community infrastructure, flow monitoring emerges as a vital practice, continuously shaping the trajectory of a system's lifespan. This essential undertaking empowers communities to engage in proactive evaluations of system performance under challenging conditions, enabling swift, well-informed decisions on proposed developments. Furthermore, flow monitoring serves as a compass, guiding communities to pinpoint precise areas for enhancement within their systems.

This presentation uniquely explores the importance of meticulous planning, skillful technology implementation and powerful data analytics within the realm of flow monitoring. It sheds light on how the symbiotic integration of these elements yields comprehensive insights, becoming the cornerstone for facilitating strategic development tailored to utilities of varying sizes. As communities navigate the complex interplay of infrastructure demands, this presentation serves as a compass, illuminating the transformative potential of strategic flow monitoring practices in shaping the future of utility systems.

B&N Presenters:

Caleb Smith, PE

Chris Dommert, PE

Caleb Smith, PE, Civil Engineer

Civil Engineer

Chris Dommert, PE, Project Manager

Project Manager