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August 29 - 31, 2023

Sheraton Dallas Dallas, Texas Visit Event Website

Thursday, August 31
1:45 - 2:30 pm  |  Room D 3

Although Florida has always been vulnerable to coastal flooding associated with tropical systems, new strategies and guidance is needed to address Sea Level Rise and other types of nuisance flooding impacting coastal areas throughout the state. The presenter has been involved with several Peer Exchange Workshops hosted by the Federal Highway Administration to discuss types of coastal concerns and identify innovative strategies to better adapt to these events. As a result of these Workshops, additional coordination has been initiated with various local municipalities, several Water Management Districts, and with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection to gain more insight into their efforts related to overcoming recurring coastal flooding issues and the strategic measures needed to improve water quality to inlets, bays and estuaries. Likewise, numerous regulatory hurdles must be addressed to ensure regional projects satisfy the environmental permitting constraints related to sovereign submerged lands and critical species habitat. Due to the competing interests amongst the various Stakeholders within the coastal watershed, additional planning and coordination are critical in identifying tailored solutions to specifically protect and preserve communities and critical infrastructure given the site-specific environmental conditions involving the particular coastal region in Florida.

B&N Presenter:

Carl Spirio, PE

Carl Spirio, PE, Florida Stormwater Section Director

Florida Stormwater Section Director

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