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June 18 - 21, 2023

Hershey Lodge Hersey, Pennsylvania Visit Event Website

June 21
8:00 am

The challenges presented to municipal water treatment systems (both drinking water and wastewater) are broad and diverse. These include technical challenges like using established and emerging technologies to prevent PFAS from entering municipal water treatment systems. Legal challenges are also a factor, including navigating recent lawsuits for producers and dischargers of PFAS upstream of municipal water treatment systems, navigating legal challenges for water treatment systems (particularly residual management related to granular activated carbon systems, ion exchange systems, and reverse osmosis systems) and wastewater treatment systems (particularly PFAS in effluent and residual management). This presentation will focus primarily on these challenges through the lens of the recently released U.S. Environmental Protection Agency PFAS Strategic Roadmap and will include the approach of research, restrict, and remediate. The presentation will also share technical and legal challenges in detail from a broad point of view and select case studies will highlight technical and legal challenges for addressing PFAS contamination in municipal water treatment systems.

B&N Presenters:

Brian Yates, PE

Mark Pennell, CPG

Brian Yates, PE, Environmental Engineer

Environmental Engineer

Mark Pennell, CPG, Senior Hydrogeologist

Senior Hydrogeologist