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Nov 28 - Dec 1, 2023

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As populations grow and continue to densify in urban cores while simultaneously expanding away from the urban core, it is becoming ever-important to develop lesser-than-ideal sites. According to the US EPA, there are over 450,000 Brownfield sites in the United States. Brownfield sites are typically associated with former industrial sites and tend to be in urban locations with prime access to key infrastructure elements. Cleaning Brownfield sites for new developments takes patience, funding, and partnerships with local jurisdictions. To help in the process, government programs are available to assist with grants and other tax incentives to offset costs.

B&N Presenter:

Chad Kohler, AIA

The AEC digital revolution is changing the way both existing and new buildings are being documented. The documentation methods, final file deliverables, and amount of data can be overwhelming. Owners must be savvy and clear on their expectations for the final file deliverables and how they plan to use them- from simple PDF files to an actual digital twin. Digital project files also become bulky with 1000s of disconnected electronic files. New technologies are pushing the digital envelope by providing a single source of truth for as-built information. These new technologies include reality capture (LiDAR, drones), the creation of digital twins, and immersive design (AR/VR). This session will take a closer look at these technologies, how digital data can be leveraged to add an incredible amount of value to any project, and how to best manage this amount of data/information.

B&N Presenter:

Monica Lowry, AIA

Chad Kohler, AIA, Architectural Practice Leader

Architectural Practice Leader

Monica Lowry, AIA, Senior Project Manager

Senior Project Manager

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