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November 1 - 3, 2023

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Thursday, November 2
10:00 - 10:50 am  |  White Dove

Asset Management Plans (AMPs) help agencies take an informed approach to bridge maintenance that will optimize expenditures and extend the life of their structures. Burgess and Niple have worked with bridge owners to develop system-wide and structure-specific bridge AMPs. This presentation will discuss the development of these plans and how agencies are implementing them to improve structure longevity and more accurately predict maintenance and repair costs.

This presentation will discuss system-wide AMPs developed for the cities of Goodyear, Arizona, and Delaware, Ohio. The development of these plans began with data collection, including inspection reports, as-built plans, load rating summaries and scour assessments. Recommended repair and maintenance actions were tabulated and prioritized into urgency categories based on the compiled data. Unit costs were developed for common repair types based on historical bid information. The results were collected in an electronic database that allows the owner to sort by structure or repair type. The final plan included anticipated maintenance and repair actions and costs for the duration of the plan.

This presentation will also discuss a structure-specific AMP developed for the Idaho Transportation Department's I. B. Perrine Bridge. The I.B. Perrine Bridge is a 1500-foot-long steel deck arch that carries four lanes of US 93 over the Snake River in Twin Falls. Data collection, a structure field review, a risk assessment/workshop, an examination of alternative approaches to long-term maintenance and the development of a maintenance manual for the bridge were a part of the plan development. As with the system-wide plans, the final deliverable included anticipated maintenance and repair actions and costs for the remaining life of the bridge.

Both system-wide and structure-specific AMPs help owners make informed decisions to minimize repair costs and more accurately predict future expenses associated with maintenance, repair and asset replacement. The presentation will discuss the real value that active management of bridge assets can offer to agencies when applied over an extended duration.

B&N Presenters:

Ed Cinadr, PE

Cole Maurer

Thursday, November 2
3:15 pm  |  Catalina

The US 191, SR 75 and SR 78 intersection is near the Morenci Mine in southeast Arizona. Over 6,000 vehicles pass through the rural intersection daily. The Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) is converting the high-speed, two-way stopped controlled intersection to a roundabout. The roundabout must be capable of accommodating over-size, over-weight (OSOW) vehicles destined for the Morenci Mine. The project was a joint effort between an ADOT internal design team and Burgess & Niple.

The design teams worked together and coordinated with a major stakeholder, Morenci Mine, to develop a roundabout improvement concept. To validate the design, ADOT and B&N had to demonstrate that the non-standard OSOW design vehicles could safely navigate the design. The OSOW design vehicles have performance characteristics that are not easily modeled by software. B&N recorded drone footage to build a simulation that mimics the design vehicle. Once the design was validated, the ADOT internal design team detailed the design, further coordinating with local stakeholders.

B&N Presenter:

David Lenzer, PE

Ed Cinadr, PE, Director of Facility Inspection

Director of Facility Inspection

Cole Maurer, Bridge Inspector

Bridge Inspector

David Lenzer, PE, Transportation Scoping & Design Director

Transportation Scoping & Design Director