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October 20, 2022

The original Old Hi Carpenter Bridge spanned the Ohio River near St. Marys, WV, and consisted of eyebar suspension main spans with truss span approaches. After the collapse of the Silver Bridge in Point Pleasant, the suspension spans were demolished, and the truss span remained, which provided access to Middle Island with a T-shaped configured ramp bridge.

This presentation will briefly review the history of the bridge in relation to the Silver Bridge and the preservation strategies used to revive the old truss span flanked with a new curved girder ramp bridge down to the island. This one-of-kind WVDOT project blends the old with the new using a lightweight concrete deck to reduce dead loads for the existing truss and timber pile foundations. Micropiles were designed and installed adjacent to the existing pier foundation to supplement the added weight of the modern loads.

The bridge incorporated elements of the original suspension anchorage. We also installed a kiosk area that provides an overview of the bridge’s history. The refurbished bridge provides pedestrian, vehicular, and school bus access to the island, which is a wildlife refuge and recreational area used for hosting events.  

B&N Presenter:

Matt Lewellyn, PE

Matt Lewellyn, PE, Project Engineer, Roadway and Bridge Inspection, Design and Rehab

Project Engineer, Roadway and Bridge Inspection, Design and Rehab