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January 9 - 13, 2022

Walter E. Washington Convention Center Washington, D.C. Visit Event Website

Sunday, January 9
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM  |  Convention Center, Salon AB

The Safe System (SS) approach is critical for saving lives. Join Nicole Waldheim for this workshop that will explore SS using real-world applications and breakout discussions to define SS for all users, discuss barriers (e.g., data, measures, equity, funding and legal implications) and opportunities for coordination and implementation, share lessons learned, and identify research needs.  

B&N Presenter:

Nicole Waldheim

Wednesday, January 12
8:00 - 9:30 AM  |  Convention Center, Hall A

With an increase in bicycling rates, there is a critical need to invest in active transportation to help create a safer, more connected and accessible transportation system. A key link in the bicycle network is at intersections and crossings. One stressor at intersections is knowing how long one must wait to receive a green indication. In international context, small, nearside bicycle signal heads that contain a countdown timer that visually estimates the amount of waiting time is provided; however, in U.S. context, MUTCD only allows countdown timers for pedestrian signals indicating the duration of clearance interval.

During this poster session, Douglas Cobb, PhD, PE, PTOE, RSP21 will discuss this study which evaluated the comprehension of bicycle countdown timers to determine whether they influence the quality of the cycling experience in the U.S. context.

B&N Presenter:

Douglas Cobb, PhD, PE, PTOE, RSP2I

Nicole Waldheim, Transportation Safety Planning Lead

Transportation Safety Planning Lead

Douglas Cobb, PhD, PE, PTOE, RSP2I, Traffic Safety Engineer

Traffic Safety Engineer