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March 15 - 16, 2022

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Intersection improvements and downtown beautification projects are common essential improvements that benefit motorists and residents of urban communities. It is easy to disregard drainage to minimize cost and reduce staffing needs when scoping. However, sometimes big problems can happen when roadway drainage is not assessed. This presentation takes a deep dive into a few examples of drainage oversights and how they were remedied.

B&N Presenters:

Mike Mills, PE

David Tyler, PE

Indiana is experiencing urban renewal. Urban, multi-modal corridor renewal in an aging socio-economically challenged area that has its challenges on the surface. However, what is underground can be equally challenging. In Florida, B&N partnered with the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) and the City of Tampa to proactively resolve the flooding on 8 miles of one-way pairs. Twelve existing 100-year old drainage systems discharging to the Hillsborough River were modeled and upgraded, setting the foundation for the surface complete street improvements. 

B&N Presenters:

Mike Mills, PE

David Tyler, PE

Rapid large-scale developments present challenges to traffic engineers to accurately forecast design-year traffic volumes. Prevailing forecasting methods such as the ITE Trip Generation Manual tend to exaggerate local traffic impacts of large developments and do not account for regional influences. This presentation outlines the methodologies used to develop the design level forecast of two large freeway projects amid large-scale private developments. This approach provides significant improvements over traditional trip generation methods and model-based forecasts.  

B&N Presenter:

Randy Kill, PE, PTOE

Complete Street applications increase mode choices and provide multiple active transportation options. Using strategies such as road repurposing or incorporating improvements into previously planned projects to save costs, implementing safety enhancements for vulnerable road users, engaging stakeholders and the public, and creating livable aesthetic corridors are goals for many Complete Streets projects. This session will explore lessons learned on three Complete Streets projects ranging in complexity, cost, level of public engagement and aesthetic enhancement.

B&N Presenter:

Amy Rosepiler, PE

Planners, Engineers, and Designers all have a role to play in the Safe System Approach (SSA). This presentation will highlight how to address safe road users, safe vehicles, safe speed, safe roads and post-crash care during planning and programming. Specifically, it will describe what a safe system is using real-world examples, the benefits, the challenges and specific implementation ideas based on lessons learned.

B&N Presenters:

Kendra Schenk, PE, PTOE, RSP2I

Nicole Waldheim

Mike Mills, PE, Stormwater Service Lead

Stormwater Service Lead

David Tyler, PE, Hydraulics Engineer

Hydraulics Engineer

Randy Kill, PE, PTOE, Senior Traffic Engineer

Senior Traffic Engineer

Amy Rosepiler, PE, Director, Columbus Roadway Design Section

Director, Columbus Roadway Design Section

Kendra Schenk, PE, PTOE, RSP2I, Safety Engineer

Safety Engineer

Nicole Waldheim, Transportation Safety Planning Lead

Transportation Safety Planning Lead