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October 25, 2022

Minneapolis, MN Visit Event Website

Tuesday, October 25
3:30 - 5:00 pm

Nicole will be presenting alongside Victoria Berrett, Transportation Planner for the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (CMAP), to provide MPOs with ideas to establish successful regional safety programs.

To develop a safety program that leads to severe crash reductions, agencies are realizing several elements need to be considered and addressed first. This includes leadership, agency culture, agency to agency collaboration, agency to stakeholder collaboration, public support and buy-in, data collection and availability, and supporting policies. A lack of consensus and collaboration on these topics can set an agency up to fail in building a safety practice and later implementation efforts. Nicole will discuss how a safety assessment can help an MPO initiate or continue a safety program that leads to meaningful safety programs, policies, and projects.

CMAP has been building their regional transportation safety program, called the Safety Action Agenda. The program is designed to address the growing number of traffic fatalities, including those happening among bicyclists and pedestrians. They are increasing the scope of safety work by adding key elements like stakeholder engagement and coordination, safety policy advancement, speed management, and transportation safety project implementation, to reduce severe crashes in the region. Vickie will highlight the process and steps to start a regional safety program at an MPO and discuss specific examples for how an MPO can implement their safety practice and move towards improving the culture of safety at the regional level. 

B&N Presenter:

Nicole Waldheim

Nicole Waldheim, Transportation Safety Planning Lead

Transportation Safety Planning Lead

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