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October 27, 2020

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Tuesday, October 27
1:15 PM

Regulations at both the state and federal levels require water and wastewater utilities to assess and understand their risks. The 2018 America’s Water Infrastructure Act required every drinking water utility serving a population of over 3,300 to perform a security-focused Risk and Resilience Assessment and subsequent update of the utility’s Emergency Response Plan. Ohio EPA requires drinking water utilities to maintain an active asset management program, which includes an ongoing understanding the condition of assets and the risk they pose to sustained operations. 

B&N's Kevin Campanella will present two ArcGIS-based tools that streamline the process of assessing both asset-level risks and security risks. Beyond regulatory drivers, utilities can benefit greatly from a better understanding of their risks, and these practical tools can be applied for both water and wastewater systems.

B&N Presenter:

Kevin Campanella, PE

Kevin Campanella, PE, Director, Utility Planning

Director, Utility Planning

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