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September 9 - 11, 2020

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We all have ideas on what a good transportation system should look like, but it’s not until we come together and collaborate that a true seamless system can be accomplished. There are many transportation projects and plans that are completed every year; some of which may not have been as successful had they not stressed the importance of a multi-discipline approach and vast coordination. This session will highlight best practices and lessons learned, from technical and professional perspectives on projects with increased efforts on public engagement, coordination between and within agencies, and across multiple disciplines.

B&N’s Jason Pagnard, PE, will serve as a panelist during the session where attendees will learn about navigating transportation projects involving multiple disciplines/agencies and takeaway tips on how to apply the techniques to their own projects/plans.

B&N Presenter:

Jason Pagnard, PE

Jason Pagnard, PE, Arizona District Director

Arizona District Director

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