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July 15, 2019

Orlando World Center Marriott Orlando, FL Visit Event Website

July 15, 2019
1:30-5:30 PM

This workshop session will advance discussion on the interactions between HAVs and VRUs, focusing on specific user groups that are generally underrepresented in the discussion of vehicle automation, including bicyclists, children (including issues related to both child passengers and pedestrians), people with disabilities, and seniors.

The session will be structured to enable attendees to learn from experts in a wide range of related domains, to engage in meaningful discussion with these experts and each other, and to work together in small groups to develop research needs and goals. 

During this workshop, B&N’s Amy Rosepiler, PE will take part in a panel discussion, where she will discuss applying what engineers know about design, education and safety to help ensure that VRUs are prioritized first. While we can’t fully predict how AV technology will change our infrastructure, or how VRUs will react to it, we can prepare for the future using the knowledge we have. This dialogue begins with educational strategies that teach VRUs what to expect when interacting with AV technology as well as identifying infrastructure that increases pedestrian safety and compliance in the event that the technology fails.

B&N Presenter:

Amy Rosepiler, PE

Amy Rosepiler, PE, Director, Columbus Roadway Design Section

Director, Columbus Roadway Design Section