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June 26 - 27, 2016

Hyatt Regency Columbus, OH Visit Event Website

ODOT is implementing a Performance Based Practical Design (PBPD) approach as increasing demands (e.g., aging infrastructure, need for increased mobility and safety, accommodation of all users) must be met with decreasing finances and resources.

The implementation of a Practical Design approach can be challenging, especially for an experienced technical organization. This session will highlight ODOT’s implementation of this program by presenting the latest changes in project level traffic forecasting and the Practical Design process of what to do once you have the data. Do you try to address every need within your project area? Can you afford that project? How will your designers manage in this new process?

Attendees will learn how to use traffic data to implement PBPD. Using this concept, DOT’s can address 80% of the problems at sometimes 20% of the cost and solve complex problems while reducing impacts to the environment. The session also will cover how to use NEPA to frame these approaches and changes in the planning of DOT’s projects.                

B&N’s Brian Toombs will moderate.

B&N Presenter:

Brian Toombs, PE

Brian Toombs, PE, Interchange Specialist and Project Engineer

Interchange Specialist and Project Engineer