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Asset Management Plans (AMPs): Point/Counterpoint Analysis


Utility customers demand their services to be reliable and cost-effective. Utilities, therefore, do not have the luxury of reacting to failed infrastructure. They must plan ahead to repair or replace deteriorating assets before they fail, maintain critical assets in a condition that limits the likelihood of failure, and design and operate systems in a way that enhances service reliability. Asset management plans (AMPs) capture this in one document so that it can be efficiently communicated and updated over time.

AMPs pave the way for utilities to advance their asset knowledge and modernize their infrastructure management practices. They outline how utilities will use the information they have to make informed, defensible decisions to improve service, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. Many utilities would like to have AMPs but have misconceptions about what is needed to put a plan in place, often overestimating the effort.

Read B&N’s Point/Counterpoint analysis for insight into the proven, structured methods of developing affordable AMPs and how they benefit utilities who use them.

  • Connecting Strategy and Tactics
  • Two-Phased Approach to Simplify the Process
  • Five Core Asset Management Questions
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