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  • Location: Watauga, Texas

As a primary connector between the cities of Watauga and Keller, Texas, Whitley Road provides access to four schools, a high school advanced learning center, a public library, Watauga City Hall, police and fire departments and many retail, business and residential properties. Within Watauga, the narrow, aging two-lane 2.4-mile asphalt road had surface drainage and leaking underground waterlines.

Because it is classified as a collector road on the Watauga Master Thoroughfare Plan, and was identified as a full street project on the Capital Improvements Plan, it has been made a priority to address the road’s deficiencies.

B&N was selected by the City of Watauga to design four phases along Whitley Road, with plans for a fifth and final phase. The improvements are designed to diversify mobility, increase safety for pedestrians and school children, update City drainage and replace aging water mains to help eliminate pipe leaks. 

B&N has provided construction administration for three phases of the project, which includes a more durable concrete roadway with:

  • Two bike lanes
  • Two through lanes
  • A center left-turn lane
  • On-street parking
  • Two sidewalks
  • New and improved storm drains
  • Waterline replacements
  • A High intensity Activated crossWalK (HAWK) pedestrian treatment at a school intersection

These improvements will allow more space and direction for roadway users, bikers and pedestrians. Replacing an aging concrete, coated steel pipe water main with PVC will help prevent pipe leakage providing City maintenance crews relief. New additions to the existing storm drain system help alleviate flooding problems along the road and in adjacent backyards.

Looking Ahead

The final phases of the five-phase project are still in design and construction. B&N is currently working on the design of phase four which will include a road diet and access improvements to City Hall and the Police Department. The design of phase five will begin in 2022 to address the following additional improvements:

  • A variable-width concrete roadway with monolithic curb
  • Additional bike lanes and sidewalks within the existing right-of-way
  • Underground storm drain improvements
  • Additional waterline replacements
  • Sanitary sewer line rehabilitations
  • Decorative solar streetlights