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  • Location: Fort Worth, Texas

Working closely with the City of Fort Worth, Texas, B&N designed a new roundabout at the intersection of Westport Parkway and Alta Vista Road. The project realigned the roadways at a new intersection with the extension of Westport Parkway, creating a more direct connection for the Lost Creek Ranch and Enclave developments to Alliance Gateway Freeway with improved traffic operations and safety. 

The only other route through the area required using a highway exit almost a mile away that lacked a traffic signal. The local community raised concerns about closing the intersection for any period due to the heavy school bus traffic through the area. As a result, the project utilized a phased construction approach to keep the intersection open at all times. 

The project effort included right-of-way plan development, drainage design, temporary traffic control and traffic analysis for the roundabout. The project was designed to national and City standards and accommodated nearby high voltage lines by using shorter light poles at locations where there was potential conflict with overhead lines.