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  • Location: Watauga, Texas

The City of Watauga, serves nearly 25,000 residents, manages over 10,000 water system assets and is dedicated to ensuring the highest standards of water safety and quality. To comply with EPA’s Lead and Copper Rule Improvement (LCRI) guidelines, Watauga is taking decisive steps to modernize and secure its water infrastructure.

The LCRI initiative is aimed at protecting public health by reducing lead and copper levels in drinking water. For a city like Watauga, with 8,341 water meters, 1,703 water valves, and 643 fire hydrants, accurate and timely inventory of all water assets is not just a regulatory requirement but a community necessity. To embark on this transformative project, Watauga has partnered with B&N and secured funding primarily from the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund (DWSRF). This program, managed by the Texas Water Development Board under the Safe Drinking Water Act, provides crucial financial assistance for planning, design, and construction of water infrastructure projects. The targeted funds from the Lead Service Line Replacement program within the DWSRF are specifically designed for identifying, planning, and replacing lead service lines, ensuring that the community’s water supply remains safe and reliable.

B&N’s collaboration with the city involves comprehensive inspections of water service lines to identify any lead components, a critical first step in accessing these funds. They will inventory every water meter and both public and private service lines, documenting details such as location, water meter condition, observations and asset condition with photo documentation.

This data collection will culminate in a detailed inventory report and a Lead Water Service Line Report. If any lead pipes are identified, B&N will develop a replacement plan. Additionally, B&N will map the precise coordinates of the city’s water valves and fire hydrants, integrating all this information into Watauga’s GIS files and providing a physical map for reference.

By undertaking this initiative, Watauga will meet regulatory requirements while taking a proactive step toward a healthier future. This project will ensure that residents can trust the safety and quality of their water, fostering a stronger, healthier community.