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  • Location: Elkins, West Virginia

B&N worked with the Randolph County Development Authority (RCDA) to replace the Tygart Valley River Railroad Bridge in downtown Elkins, West Virginia. B&N prepared the plans and specifications for the bridge, which spans the Tygart Valley River and was designed to replicate the geometry of the previous truss to maintain the historical value of the site. The bridge provides a vital link between the Elkins Depot and the mainline of the West Virginia Central Railroad and is a historical point of interest for passengers aboard the New Tygart Flyer scenic train, which boards from the refurbished depot.

The replacement bridge has a 150-foot-long main span flanked by three 50-foot-long steel approach girders. To reduce costs, B&N suggested reusing the existing concrete piers and abutments and using weathered steel to eliminate the cost of field painting.

The project included a site survey, railroad track alignment, structural steel design, track work design, and rehabilitation of the existing concrete substructures. The concrete substructures were inspected and sampled to determine the concrete strength. B&N observed the excavation to expose the foundations and verify the condition of the footings. B&N also performed bidding, contract award, and construction services for the project.