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  • Location: Lancaster, OH

The 32-acre Stonewall Cemetery Road Landfill closed in the 1970s. Burgess & Niple (B&N) worked with the City of Lancaster to prepare plans and specifications to reconstruct the landfill cap to bring it into compliance with current regulations. B&N recommended on-site wetland treatment in lieu of sending the leachate via pipelines to an off-site facility four miles away. Placing the wetlands on top of the covered waste maximized the available space.

The project included a bentonite/soil slurry groundwater cutoff wall and two gravel-filled groundwater collection trenches. A series of seven wetland cells were constructed to treat impacted groundwater extracted from the trenches. Two of the wetland cells were constructed with a double LLDPE synthetic liner due to their position on top of the landfill cap.

Today, leachate-impacted groundwater flows from groundwater collection drains to the seven-cell wetland treatment system. The inherent natural productivity of the constructed wetland ecosystems helps remove high levels of ammonia and metals. The wetlands were developed using on-site soils and vegetated with cattail and bulrush.

Services included:

  • Consent Order with Ohio EPA
  • A landfill cap engineered to meet State of Ohio requirements
  • Surface drainage improvements
  • Cement bentonite/slurry barrier wall to intercept groundwater
  • Groundwater collection drain
  • Engineered wetland treatment system

B&N also provided part-time on-site representation during construction and prepared the closure certification document for submittal to Ohio EPA.