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  • Location: Polk County, Florida

This Design-Build project for FDOT District Seven involves converting an existing two-lane rural facility into a four-lane divided highway over an 8.8-mile stretch from the Pasco County Line south of CR 54 to the US 301/Clinton Avenue intersection. The project will realign US 98 north of Townsend Road to connect to the existing Clinton Avenue alignment. Key components of the project include:

  • Construction of New Bridges: Over the Hillsborough River and Old Lakeland Highway/CSX Railroad.
  • Drainage System Design: Incorporating stormwater management facilities, cross drains, side drains, storm sewers, and other necessary elements for a functional, permitted, and efficient drainage system.
  • Lighting at Signalized Intersections: Installation of new lighting at all signalized intersections.
  • Roundabouts: Four multi-lane roundabouts at Townsend Road, Old US 98, Cross Roads Development, and Clinton Avenue.
  • New Traffic Signals: At US 98 at CR 54 and at US 98 and the Old Lakeland Highway Connector Road.

Innovative Aspects

The project includes several innovative elements that enhanced quality and efficiency:

  1. Separated Bridges: B&N modified the concept design to provide separated bridges instead of a single structure, improving safety by eliminating diversions and reducing construction phases.
  2. Modified Typical Section: The proposed typical section was changed from lanes sloping into the median to lanes sloping towards the outside roadway. This reduced pipe size requirements and improved long-term maintenance.
  3. Temporary Maintenance of Traffic Design: Innovative design to improve operations during construction and emphasize work zone safety, including:
    • Smart Work Zones: Utilizing dynamic messages based on congestion within the project limits.
    • Early Implementation of Roundabouts: Realizing the safety and operational benefits of the proposed roundabouts earlier in the construction phase.

These innovations collectively contributed to delivering a higher quality product and provided efficiencies in construction.