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  • Location: Prosper, Texas

Local area homeowners had been creatively updating flood and drainage issues without notifying the Town of Prosper. To reveal downspouts and pool drains that homeowners had connected to the sanitary system without the Town’s approval, B&N was tasked with sanitary sewer smoke testing in the area. The Town then wanted to be immediately notified of any issues identified to properly and proactively address them.

B&N field crews smoke tested 60,119 linear feet of six- and eight-inch sanitary sewer lines. B&N field crews coordinated directly with the Town staff to inform them as downspout and pool drain connections were discovered. This allowed the Town to quickly notify the homeowner that the connection needed to be severed and fixed. Downspouts and pool drain connections to sanitary sewer systems are not system defects but do heavily impact the system and are easily prevented sources of inflow/infiltration (I/I).

After smoke testing the area and identifying the issues, the City addressed the flood and drainage problems. Addressing these sewer system issues reduces I/I, minimizes the environmental impact to the Town’s sewers and provides quality utilities to the community.