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  • Location: West Jefferson, Ohio

Working with the Columbus and Franklin County Metro Parks, B&N restored approximately 190-acres of wet prairie at Prairie Oaks Metro Park. Located in West Jefferson, Ohio, the project goal was to create wet pools and savanna, restore native plant species including several species of prairie grasses and trees, and provide a habitat for migratory birds and other animals.  

B&N designed the removal of the agricultural drainage tile network and a series of earthen berms to protect neighboring properties and roadways while also containing the site runoff within the newly constructed wetland pools.  Also included in the design were catch basins and the replacement of underground stormwater piping to carry roadway and off-site stormwater runoff through the property to the existing drainageway.  

The constructed project allows water to pool, creating shallow wetlands and saturated soil conditions over large portions of the site. Additional project work by the B&N team included hydraulic analysis, confirmation of site soil conditions, assistance in coordination of the drainage improvements with the county engineer and development of the construction stormwater pollution prevention plan.