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  • Location: Haymarket, Virginia

B&N designed a major land development project, Piedmont South, in Haymarket, Virginia. Piedmont South is a 177-acre, 900-unit residential community where B&N provided preliminary and final engineering, land surveying, transportation design, stormwater management services, and floodplain studies.

The transportation services B&N provided included designing 5,000 linear feet of divided roadway with super-elevation. B&N provided engineering design for numerous internal roads throughout the subdivision, as well as drainage, erosion control, stormwater management, and landscaping. Water system modeling, complete infrastructure design, and floodplain studies also were provided.

The project site includes single-family detached homes, townhouse units, a multi-family apartment complex, and a community center.

The Piedmont South project was marketed under the name "The Parks at Piedmont." The project is adjacent to an existing project called "Piedmont” where B&N previously provided engineering and surveying services for three sections of the project site.