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  • Location: Newport News, Virginia

B&N is performing site civil engineering and land surveying for the 52-acre Patrick Henry Place mixed-use development in Newport News, Virginia.  The project is currently in the second phase of design development.  Upon completion, the development will include five retail buildings, two restaurants, six apartment buildings, two hotels, thirty condominium units, more than 100 townhomes, and a community center.

Phase I

B&N provided site civil engineering services which included 400,000 square feet of restaurant and retail space, hotels, condominiums, townhomes, and a community center.  This included:

  • Development master plan
  • Roadway, drainage, sewer, and water master plans
  • Planning and design of a 12-inch water main extension, 400 gallon-per-minute pump station and 5,000 feet of 6-inch force main
  • 150-foot-span bridge
  • Double 8x10 box culvert
  • Seven new intersections
  • Traffic analysis
  • Wetland permitting for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ)
  • Contract administration
  • Construction layout

Phase II

B&N currently is working on the second phase of the site planning and civil engineering design. One of the new Phase II amenities is a fitness trail that will surround the site and highlight the developmentā€™s preserved open space. B&N is designing the new trail that will be included in the first phase of construction to serve existing residents.

B&N also has applied for and received a new general permit for wetlands impact through DEQ to accommodate a proposed bridge crossing.

Public Outreach and Project Coordination

We are working closely with numerous project stakeholders, including the City of Newport News, the Newport News School District, Patrick Henry Place Homeowners Association, adjacent property owners, DEQ, and the Army Corps of Engineers.  This includes participating in public hearings to answer questions from concerned citizens.