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  • Location: Orrville, Ohio

B&N worked with the City of Orrville, Ohio to restore a headwater stream using funding from the Clean Ohio Fund Green Space Conservation Program. B&N led the design of the project, which included creating naturalized wetland and floodplain areas adjacent to the stream and extending the nearby Orr Park Wetlands Walking Trail. 

The stream was in degraded condition with poor channel form and bank erosion threatening outlet pipes and embankments at the City’s water treatment plan. The restoration design included relocating the stream channel and floodplain using natural channel design, plus naturalized upland and wetland areas alongside the stream for visitors to enjoy from the walking trail.

The completed project offers the following benefits to City of Orrville residents and visitors:

  • Approximately four acres of additional naturalized open space for resident and visitor recreation
  • Completion of the Wetlands Walking Trail Complex connection to Orr Park
  • Creation of grassland and wetland habitats for birds, amphibians, and small mammals 
  • Educational opportunities to teach the importance of native grasslands, wetlands, and stream restoration
  • Protection of water treatment plant infrastructure
  • Improved water quality in the Little Chippewa Creek watershed