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  • Location: Delaware County and Kingston Township, Ohio

To address safety concerns at a skewed intersection in Delaware County, the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) District 6 designed an administered the first Peanut Roundabout in the state. Located at the State Route (SR) 61, SR 656 and Wilson Road (TR56) intersection in Kingston Township, a high number of crashes, including one fatality resulted in the intersection being ranked fourth on ODOT’s 2015 Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) list.

Multiple alternatives were investigated, but a roundabout was ultimately selected. Even though a peanut-shaped roundabout had not previously been implemented in Ohio, it was demonstrated that the unique shape would provide the most benefits over the more common circular and oval roundabout designs. B&N was a key subconsultant, providing software and roundabout design training to the ODOT District 6 designer.

Once a roundabout was determined to be the preferred alternative, there were several site challenges to consider. This included residential properties at the northwest and southeast quadrants of the site and a cemetery at the east leg of the roundabout. The design moved most of the roadway onto vacant land away from the residential properties, which improved the angle of visibility and sight distance for drivers approaching from the north and south. During the archeological and historical investigations, graves were found within ODOT right-of-way, within the construction limits, resulting in careful excavation and relocation to a different part of the cemetery prior to construction.

The peanut roundabout at the SR 61, SR 656 and Wilson Road intersection is the first of its kind to be constructed in the state of Ohio, and one of only a few in place nationally. When designing this unique approach, there were very few standards available for a peanut-shaped intersection. The innovative application of a peanut roundabout at this intersection significantly improved the safety of the high-crash location without impacting adjacent properties while accommodating the public’s concerns over maneuverability. 

Honors & Awards

The SR 61, SR 656 & Wilson Road Roundabout received the 2022 Project of the Year Award from the American Society of Highway Engineers Central Ohio