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  • Location: Ohio

Beginning in 2015, B&N has worked with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) to enhance the recreational boating experience at lakes and rivers throughout the state, including:

  • Fox Lake
  • Rupert Lake
  • Tycoon Lake
  • Zepernick Lake
  • Monroe Lake
  • Knox Lake
  • Killbuck Creek and Walhonding River
  • East Fork Lake
  • Ohio River Access at Racine
  • Alum Creek Lake

The improvements focus on boat launch facilities, which all have similar challenges, including limited space, challenging topography, and limited accessibility. The improvements include the repair, expansion, and replacement of boat ramps, ADA compliance and courtesy docks. Designs have also provided dredging of the lake where sedimentation has diminished the water depths in and around the ramps over time. These improvements increase efficiency for loading and launching boats thereby relieving congestion at boat launch facilities.

B&N has also designed marina improvements at selected sites for ODNR, increasing their capacity and slip size to accommodate the larger boats that have become more common. The B&N team has also provided design of enhancements such as the addition of utility services, including electricity service to selected slips, lighting to enhance security and safety, fueling systems, sanitary pump outs, and non-potable water for fire protection and general clean-up.  

The boating facility design includes shoreside improvements as well. B&N’s designs for these various sites have also included parking lot improvements, restroom additions/replacements, site lighting, ADA accessibility, and shoreline erosion protection.