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  • Location: Toledo, Ohio

B&N led the design of the $150 million LUC-75 project – a major freeway reconstruction effort for the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT).

The project improves safety and capacity on a three-mile stretch of Interstate 75 in Toledo, Ohio by realigning and completely rebuilding roadways and bridges within the existing footprint. Capacity is increased from two to three lanes in each direction and ramps have been reconfigured to meet current safety standards.

B&N’s multidisciplinary project team successfully delivered this massive design project on-time. B&N provided:

  • Detailed highway and bridge design
  • Drainage systems design and geotechnical engineering
  • Surveying and right-of-way services
  • Landfill permitting
  • Floodplain analysis and permitting
  • Noise wall and lighting design
  • Maintenance of traffic plans

B&N engineers designed 12 new bridges within the project limits, including a $55 million, 2,000-foot-long bridge. The final project deliverables included more than 2,000 plan sheets.

This section of I-75 is adjacent to a plant that manufactured Jeeps and other vehicles from 1910 to 2006. The original interstate, built in 1970, was constructed over a landfill used by the Jeep plant. B&N prepared the Environmental Protection Agency permitting necessary for the construction in the landfill area.

The Ottawa River weaves through the three-mile-long project site. B&N performed extensive floodway analyses and prepared the floodplain permits. These efforts were needed due to the significant floodplain modifications associated with additions and removals of bridges and other features.