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  • Location: Warren County, Ohio

B&N planned and designed the expansion/replacement and improvement of two booster pump stations and three wells in Warren County’s North Water System. The North Water System had an average daily demand of 3 million gallons per day (mgd) with a maximum daily demand of over 7 mgd. During the summer, Warren County routinely purchased water from neighboring utilities to meet system demands. Because of anticipated growth and planned connections to the South Water System, the County needed to expand the North Water System to 19 mgd with a build-out capacity of 34 mgd. 

Well Replacement & Rehabilitation

The County’s North Well Field consists of seven wells – three with submersible pumps and four with vertical turbine pumps.  B&N designed improvements to replace two of the existing submersible pumps with vertical turbine pumps, rehabilitate the existing wells, and provide the related building enclosures. B&N also performed a well field study to identify a plan to expand the well field capacity. 

Shelly Booster Pump Station

The North Well Field wells convey water to the Shelly Ground Storage Tank.  The Shelly Booster Pump Station transfers water from the ground storage tank into the North Water System. This pump station had a firm capacity of 4 mgd and total capacity of 6 mgd.  B&N evaluated alternatives to expand this pump station to a firm capacity of 19 mgd, with the ability to increase to 34 mgd.  Of the alternatives presented, the County elected to replace the existing pump station with one that has space for six vertical turbine pumps, each with a variable speed drive.  

Providing variable frequency drives and phasing the infrastructure improvements to meet distribution system demands provided capital and energy cost savings to the County.  Other station improvements included adding an emergency generator, site piping, and existing building repairs and renovations to provide an operators’ maintenance facility in the existing building. 

The new Shelly Booster Pump Station was designed with 3D drawing software that helped the County visualize the final product, allowed the design team to avoid conflicts between piping and building components, and provided efficiency in overall plan production. 

Dearth Booster Pump Station

The Dearth Booster Pump Station takes water from an elevated tank filled by the Shelly Booster Pump Station and boosts it into a pressure zone with a higher hydraulic gradient.  This station had a firm capacity of 3.5 mgd with two pumps installed.  B&N designed improvements to add a third pump (increasing firm capacity to 6 mgd), added an emergency generator to power two pumps, and performed various building improvements to the failing existing building. 

Security Improvements

At all three sites, B&N designed security system improvements including proximity card readers at all gates and doors, automated gates, an alarm system integrated with the system wide SCADA system, and security cameras.