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  • Location: Upper Arlington, Ohio

B&N completed a multi-year Sanitary Sewer Evaluation Survey (SSES) for the City of Upper Arlington, Ohio, to aid in identifying sources of Inflow and Infiltration (I/I). This multi-phase, long-term project covered the entire city and is intended to help save time and effort by estimating I/I and providing recommendations for remediation.

The first phase of the project includes citywide GIS mapping, review of historical data related to maintenance and complaints, and flow monitoring and system analysis to determine locations of excessive I/I for further identification pathway testing. The B&N team installed and calibrated flow meters and tipping bucket rain gauges. Following installation, the project included regular site visits and processing the flow meter data.

One critical component of the services B&N provided was to obtain concurrence from the Ohio EPA on the determination of excessive I/I which would set the framework for all future SSES studies. B&N worked diligently with the City to collaboratively develop a tiered I/I ranking system that was in the City’s best interest while also meeting the spirit of the Ohio EPA’s Findings and Orders.

The project’s second phase included additional services such as field investigations to identify public and private pathways of I/I based on previous flow monitoring activities. Smoke testing, dye testing and rainfall simulation were used in field testing.

At conclusion of the priority one areas, B&N tested and identified I/I pathways and quantified I/I. Next, the team developed a remediation and Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) program to cover the next 15 years. The 15-year CIP duration was longer than the original schedule permitted. As a result, B&N helped the City with having the Director’s Findings and Orders Schedule revised with the Ohio EPA.

B&N is currently working on the design for the first construction project of the CIP. Recommended improvements include mainline cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) lining, lateral CIPP lining, and manhole rehabilitation.